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Providing The Best Audio Visual Solutions 
For Churches & Schools In Northwest Ohio

John Trabbic Music LLC is an Audio Visual Solutions company that specializes in sound systems, audio equipment, Visual Aid Technology, quality installation, and system upkeep for churches and schools in the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan area.


Many of the current church sound systems were originally installed with the setup for one or two cantors, one or two presiders, a pulpit mic, choir mics, and the organ. However, in many of our churches, much of this equipment is outdated, broken or is no longer working properly due to overuse or age. Many systems are not properly configured with the correct equipment and cannot handle adding inputs for additional vocal mics, pianos, violins, flutes, guitars, or other instruments that can help people enter in more fully. 

Quality sound in our Churches and Schools has always been important to me. I have been a musician for 15 years, have experience running sound for multi-band music festivals and have outfitted churches, schools, and camps with new systems. I feel with my experience, I can help churches and schools achieve an optimal audio visual solution to fit their needs, especially for Catholic Churches and Cathedrals.

I would be happy to come out, look over your current system, discuss what you would like to add/change/hear differently, and give you an estimate on what it would take to do so. The estimate would include the cost of any new equipment as well as the labor cost for installation and training of your team on how to use it properly. I am happy to do this not only for the church space, but for any other spaces you have on your campus, whether it's a meeting room, youth room, parish hall, school P.A., school auditorium, etc.


Please use the email below to set up an appointment for a free evaluation and estimate.


Yours In Christ,

Spaces We Will Service

Catholic Churches



Houses of Worship



Church Halls

Youth Rooms

Gathering Spaces

School Auditoriums

and more...

Services We Provide

Free Estimates 

Best Prices On Equipment 

(Sound boards, speakers, microphones, keyboards, wireless microphones, direct boxes, mic/music stands, portable sound systems, projectors, Cameras, TV's, and more)

Quality Installation and Setup

Team Training

(Including video tutorials)


System Maintenance

What We Specialize In

Digital Sound Boards/Mixers

Wireless Microphones

High Quality Speakers

User Friendly Equipment

Portable Systems

School P.A. Systems

Church Sound Systems




and more...


Interested in getting an estimate?
Email John at:
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